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Questions About Permanent Make-up
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Questions About Permanent Make-up
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Most Frequently Asked Questions About
Permanent Makeup

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* What is Permanent Makeup?

Pemanent Makeup is implanting pigment into the skin to create a lasting cosmetic effect.

* What is the need for Permanent Makeup?

It helps to save time and money and give peace of mind, from smudging or smearing makeup. Permanent Makeup can also enhance your eyebrows, eyes and lips.

* Can I tell in advance what shape or color will suit me?

YES! All shaping and color selections are done in advance with your approval.

* What if I am allergic?

The pigments used are natural pigments and iron oxide so the chance is little to none, however a patch test is done 48 hours before procedure to check.

* Is it Painful?

There is a slight discomfort, but its worth it.

* How long does the procedure takes?

Most procedure will take 1 to 2 hours (the touch up session will be approximately 45 minute)

*Does it fade?

There is some fading after the first application that is why we do a follow-up session to touch up in about 30 days. That is included in the fee. The procedure will fade in time and the color may soften but it will never wash off